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Open the options in TrackHat opentrack, then go to the output tab. Then, tick the ‘Invert’ box next to the axis that you need changed!

No problem! Open TrackHat opentrack, start head tracking and open the options. Go to the camera tab, select automatic exposure, and the move the theshold slider until all points are detected.

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Yes, but you must remove the Infrared filter from the device. newer PS3 eyes cannot have the infrared filter removed. You also have a high risk of breaking the unit.

Yes, they are both compatible with all models of the TrackIR sensor!

If you check the order on your PayPal page, ‘order processed’ means it has been dispatched to you!

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Video: How to set up TrackHat opentrack

Video: How to set up mapping in TrackHat opentrack, and customize it for your game.

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