TrackHat Clip

Say hello to the TrackHat clip!

This is the TrackHat clip from TrackHat, providing a new lower priced head tracker for gaming and a brilliant TrackIR alternative.

Prices start at only £29.99

If you purchase one with our Head Tracking camera, available in the shop, it becomes the cheapest head tracking for gaming kit money can buy!

It is also fully compatible with all TrackIR sensors, like the TrackHat.

It uses the same simple 3 infrared light technology as the Trackhat, to provide accurate head tracking, without visual interference.

Each one is made with a 3 metre long lightweight USB cable, thats nearly 10ft long! Easily enough to plug in to a USB socket on the back of your PC.

It can be ordered to fit either on the left, or right side of your headset, so as not to interfere with a microphone boom.

It is fully compatible with hundreds of games, thanks to Trackhat OpenTrack, our custom head tracking software.

The ABS 3D printed head tracking clip is easily attacheable to a headset, perfect for those using VOIP or other voice communication while gaming, just like the TrackIR TrackClip.

With a 3 metre long USB cable, there is nowhere that is out of reach of this head tracking clip. It is easily long enough to go behind your computer, or a front mounted USB port.

The TrackHat clip requires no drivers, and zero construction. Just attach it to your headset, and get gaming!

Also, for those of you who have a TrackIR head tracker, our head tracking peripherals work with the TrackIR 4,TrackIR 5, and TrackIR 6 sensors!

Shop TrackHat Clip From £29.99 + shipping

"The TrackHat clip is absolutely phenominal. I like this a great deal!"

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